Philosophy Books

A variety of philosophy books I’ve written, with an emphasis on fallacies and philosophical essays. These books are available on Amazon in Kindle or paperback. 

Books on Fallacies

My popular books on fallacies (errors in reasoning).

110 Fallacies

76 Fallacies

30 More Fallacies

42 Fallacies


A Philosopher’s Blog Collections

Collected essays from my blog.

A Philosopher’s Blog 2020

A Philosopher’s Blog 2019

A Philosopher’s Blog 2018

A Philosopher’s Blog 2017

A Philosopher’s Blog 2016

A Philosopher’s Blog 2015

A Philosopher’s Blog: 2014

A Philosopher’s Blog: 2012-2013

Philosophical Provocations Volume 2

Philosophical Provocations Volume 1

Other Philosophy Books

Books with a focused topic.

What is Not (Known): Essays on Metaphysics & Epistemology

Sexbots, Killbots & Virtual Dogs: Essays on Technology & Ethics

For Better or Worse Reasoning

A Six Gun for Socrates

Envy & Class Warfare

Moral Methods

Non-Philosophy Books

Books outside of philosophy.

Of Tendon & Trail

LEU: Bits & Bytes

McDonald’s is for Breakups