This is the eleventh adventure in the R series, taking place after R10 Grem Tor. It takes place in the town of Rel which is detailed in R2 Town of Rel. The essential maps and stats from R2 are included in this adventure allowing it to be run without R2.

It can also be run as a standalone adventure or even scavenged for individual encounters.

In this adventure, the PCs fight against the corrupting disinformation whispered by the bards of serpent’s tongue. They also team up with unlikely allies to save the Temple of Asmodeus in Rel from a greater evil.

The adventure includes the history/background, maps, and monster stats. The companion ZIP file contains JPEG versions of the maps (with and without grid), the Word file of the adventure, and a Fantasy Grounds Unity Module file. This adventure is suited for a party of 3-6 characters of level 6-11.

The adventure also includes the bard subclass The College of the Serpent’s Tongue.

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The adventure includes:

  • History/Background
  • New Monsters
  • NPC Stats
  • Color Maps
  • Encounters
  • New Magic Items
  • College of the Serpent’s Tongue Bard Subclass

The companion ZIP file contains:

  • Maps (with and without grid)
  • Illustrations
  • Fantasy Ground Unity Module
  • Word File of the adventure



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