Sebek’s Mine


This is the ninth adventure in the R series, taking place after R8 Grain Death. It can also be run as a standalone adventure or even scavenged for individual encounters.

In this adventure, the PCs investigate reports that the kobolds of Sebek’s mine have been purchasing arms and armor. Are they planning to attack Rel or is there something deeper happening in the mine.

It includes a history/background for the encounter, a map, and monster stats. The companion ZIP file contains JPEG versions of the maps (with and without grid), the Word file of the encounter, and a Fantasy Grounds Unity Module file. This adventure is suited for a party of 3-6 characters of level 5-9.


The adventure includes:

  • History/Background
  • New Monsters
  • New Spell
  • NPC Stats
  • Color Maps


The companion ZIP file contains:

  • Maps (with and without grid).
  • Illustrations
  • Fantasy Ground Unity Module
  • Word File of the adventure

Available on Dungeon Master’s Guild


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